Daikin Commits to Supporting Conservation Efforts on Iriomote Island

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has pledged financial support to uphold the natural heritage of Iriomote Island, located in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, marking the centenary of its establishment. Designated as a World Natural Heritage Site, Iriomote Island will benefit from Daikin’s commitment under its ongoing social initiative, the “Forests for the Air” project. The agreement, forged with Taketomi Town officials and the Iriomote Foundation, outlines Daikin’s provision of 100 million JPY over the course of a decade, starting April 2024, with a formal signing ceremony commemorating the collaboration.

Initiated in 2014 during Daikin’s 90th anniversary, the “Forests for the Air” project has been instrumental in supporting afforestation and forest conservation across seven locations globally, including the preservation of the world’s largest primeval forest. By safeguarding approximately 11 million hectares of forests, the initiative has contributed significantly to offsetting 7 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Responding to the escalating concern for biodiversity, Daikin has expanded its support to encompass regions like Shiretoko, Indonesia, India, China, and the Amazon basin. This commitment extends to Iriomote Island and Ethiopia on the occasion of its centenary, amounting to a total contribution of 900 million JPY over a decade.

Iriomote Island, a recent addition to the World Natural Heritage Sites list in 2021, alongside Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, and the northern part of Okinawa Island, boasts a subtropical forest teeming with endemic species like the Iriomote wildcat and extensive mangrove forests. However, the island faces ecosystem challenges exacerbated by climate change and human activities.

Through the agreement, Daikin pledges support for initiatives on Iriomote Island aimed at conserving its natural ecosystem and preserving its rich biodiversity, interlinking the mountainous and maritime landscapes.

Key initiatives supported on Iriomote Island include:

  1. Protection of the subtropical forest: Efforts will focus on mitigating the impact of feral goats on vegetation and ecosystem balance through data collection, monitoring, and behavioral surveys.
  2. Preservation of Japan’s largest mangrove forest: Activities will target the mitigation of damage caused by washed-up debris through collection and disposal efforts, alongside ecological surveys and awareness campaigns.
  3. Revitalization of sea forests: Measures will be undertaken to protect and revive the dwindling seagrass beds, crucial for supporting biodiversity, including the installation and maintenance of feeding prevention structures.

Daikin’s “Forests for the Air” project underscores its recognition of forests as nature’s air purifiers, crucial for maintaining atmospheric balance. Beyond tree planting, the initiative emphasizes community engagement, environmental education, and sustainable livelihoods, fostering partnerships with NGOs and local communities worldwide. Through such collaborative efforts, Daikin aspires to safeguard these natural treasures for generations to come.

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