Covestro Boosts Operational Efficiency and Sustainability with Emerson Software

Emerson Software Drives Efficiency and Sustainability at Covestro’s Barcelona Facility In a strategic partnership, global technology leader Emerson is collaborating with Covestro, a prominent producer of high-tech polymer materials, to optimize operational performance and sustainability at its manufacturing plant in Barcelona, Spain. Covestro, committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035, has focused on enhancing its esterification process for polyester production, a critical step in plastics manufacturing.

Challenges with batch-based production prompted Covestro to seek improved control solutions. Traditional approaches fell short due to the process’s complexity, leading Covestro to turn to Emerson. After thorough analysis, Emerson recommended implementing DeltaV PredictPro, a cutting-edge multivariable, model predictive control (MPC) and optimization software.

Through seamless integration with Covestro’s existing DeltaV distributed control system, Emerson engineers deployed the MPC software to enhance process efficiency. By precisely managing variables like temperature and pressure, the MPC ensures optimal control over reflux flow, minimizing operator intervention and batch variations.

Adrian Belda, manufacturing engineer at Covestro, emphasized the tailored solution’s benefits in achieving sustainability goals while maintaining product quality and safety standards. Since its implementation on one reactor, Covestro has witnessed significant improvements, including better steam rectification management, reduced water consumption, and shorter reaction durations, leading to enhanced energy efficiency and increased throughput.

Claudio Fayad, vice president of technology for Emerson’s process systems and solutions business, highlighted the importance of driving efficiency amid sustainability targets and global competition. DeltaV PredictPro enables production teams to institutionalize best practices, ensuring consistent efficiency gains.

Looking ahead, Covestro plans to replicate the success on similar reactors and explore integrating boiler control into the MPC solution, further reducing energy consumption and advancing sustainability objectives.

For more information on how Emerson’s advanced process control solution addressed Covestro’s operational challenges, visit here.

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