Chef Corey Lee Launches ‘Na Oh’ at Hyundai Innovation Center, Singapore

In a landmark partnership between acclaimed three-Michelin-star Chef Corey Lee and the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS), ‘Na Oh,’ a fresh restaurant concept, is poised to enrich Singapore’s diverse culinary scene.

Meaning ‘moving from inside out’ in Korean, Na Oh transcends the traditional restaurant experience to become a cultural focal point for Korean cuisine, craftsmanship, and design in Singapore.

With Chef Corey Lee’s culinary expertise from San Francisco leading the way, Na Oh reimagines traditional Korean dishes through a contemporary lens, marking his inaugural venture in Southeast Asia and injecting an innovative flair into the city’s dining scene.

At the heart of Na Oh’s concept lies HMGICS, seamlessly integrating the restaurant within its innovative ecosystem. By housing Na Oh, HMGICS elevates its role from a mere automotive facility to a distinctive hospitality destination, enriching Singapore’s visitor experience.

Leveraging state-of-the-art automation and robotics, HMGICS operates a pioneering two-story vertical smart farm, capable of producing over 30kg of fresh produce daily. As the world’s first robotics smart farm for customer engagement, and open to visitors, Na Oh will directly source ingredients from this facility, forging a direct link between food and innovation to offer a refined farm-to-table experience.

Chef Corey Lee expressed his enthusiasm about merging Hyundai’s innovation with traditional culinary techniques, aiming to introduce a fresh take on Korean cuisine to Singapore’s vibrant food scene. Despite Na Oh’s casual ambiance, it promises the same caliber of quality and technical precision typically reserved for fine dining, thus democratizing elevated dining experiences.

Under Chef Corey Lee’s guidance, Na Oh’s culinary team will craft an exquisite hansik cuisine tailored for the modern palate, drawing inspiration from Korean heritage while providing cultural insights through collaborations with Korea’s master artisans.

Set to open its doors to the public in June 2024, Na Oh embodies a fusion of culinary excellence, innovation, and cultural immersion, poised to captivate and delight diners in Singapore and beyond.

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