Celonis: 5-Time Leader and Star Performer in 2024 Everest Group PEAK Matrix®

Celonis, a global leader in Process Mining and Process Intelligence, has once again secured its position as a Leader in the Everest Group Process Mining PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024, marking its fifth consecutive year at the forefront. Additionally, Celonis has been recognized as a Star Performer for 2024. Key highlights from the report include:

  • Celonis maintains dominance in the process mining software revenue market.
  • It boasts the largest customer base among process mining providers.
  • Celonis holds the highest market share by revenue across major verticals such as manufacturing, BFSI, healthcare, hi-tech, telecom, professional services, and CPG/retail.
  • It leads the process mining market across global regions including Continental Europe, North America, UK, APAC, and LATAM.
  • Celonis commands the highest revenue share across all enterprise buyer segments.

For over a decade, Celonis has been pivotal in helping organizations across industries optimize their processes, leveraging insights to drive business value. The company’s consistent leadership in the PEAK Matrix® is attributed to its strong vision, innovative product roadmap, and recent advancements such as the Process Intelligence Graph (PI Graph). This AI-driven offering enhances process understanding by creating a digital twin of businesses integrated with contextual business insights, empowering teams to unlock hidden business value.

The Celonis Process Intelligence platform plays a crucial role in deploying enterprise AI effectively, providing essential business context and accelerating insights. It supports custom AI deployments and integrates existing AI toolsets, augmenting operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

In the latest assessment, Celonis not only reaffirmed its Leader status but also earned recognition as a Star Performer for substantial year-over-year growth in process mining revenue, high client satisfaction, and market share expansion. The company received top capability scores in assessment criteria including market success, portfolio mix, vision and strategy, process setup and integration, process intelligence, implementation and support, and commercial model.

Alexander Rinke, co-CEO and co-founder of Celonis, emphasized the importance of process mining and intelligence in meeting evolving customer demands for efficiency and innovation. He highlighted Celonis’ dedication to empowering organizations to uncover and capitalize on process efficiencies, underscoring the significance of the Star Performer accolade as a testament to Celonis’ pioneering spirit.

Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everest Group, praised Celonis for its strong market presence, comprehensive support ecosystem, and continuous innovation that have reinforced its leadership position. He noted Celonis’ enhancements such as generative AI-based process copilots and advanced process modeling capabilities as pivotal in shaping its market success.

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® underscores the increasing adoption and strategic importance of process mining in driving digital transformation and achieving business outcomes across various industries. The report highlights the evolving sophistication and capabilities of process mining solutions, positioning them as integral components of Intelligent Automation (IA) strategies.

For further details, the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment can be accessed for download [here](link to download).

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