Cellcentric Commences Pilot Production of Fuel Cell Systems

Cellcentric Embarks on Pilot Production for Fuel Cell Systems, Paving the Way for Sustainable Transport In a significant stride towards climate-neutral transportation, Cellcentric has launched its pilot production of fuel cell systems at the Esslingen-Pliensauvorstadt facility. This milestone marks a crucial step towards achieving large-scale production by the end of the decade, when fuel cell-powered long-haul heavy-duty trucks are expected to play a pivotal role in sustainable transportation.

Based in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Cellcentric aims to develop, produce, and distribute fuel cell systems that offer optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) in the competitive transportation sector. The company plans to establish a comprehensive fuel cell ecosystem, covering everything from production and maintenance to end-of-life recycling.

Lars Johansson, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Organizational Officer of Cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG, emphasized the industrial-scale production as essential for achieving economies of scale and competitive positioning. The inauguration of the pilot production facility at Esslingen signifies a blueprint for future advancements, with plans to further industrialize and scale up production at the Weilheim site in the coming years.

The opening ceremony on June 20th was attended by notable figures from politics, business, and academia, underscoring the regional and national significance of Cellcentric’s efforts. The modern facility in Esslingen-Pliensauvorstadt spans over 10,300 square meters and will house more than 100 employees engaged in production, logistics, and administration.

Next, Cellcentric will focus on refining production processes at Esslingen to facilitate large-scale production with high vertical integration and automation. This strategic approach aims to ensure stable long-term economic development.

Beyond manufacturing, Cellcentric is committed to creating a complete ecosystem around fuel cell systems, including seamless integration into vehicle management systems and a comprehensive service package. The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to the end-of-life phase, with plans for environmentally friendly decommissioning and resource recovery through recycling.

Looking ahead, Cellcentric has showcased its NextGen fuel cell system for sustainable long-haul trucks, demonstrating enhanced efficiency and power at events like the ACT Expo in Las Vegas. With the BZA150 fuel cell generation already in pilot production and successfully tested by industry leaders like Daimler Truck and Volvo Group, Cellcentric is on track to commence series production of the NextGen system by the end of the decade.

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