Boeing CEO’s Address to Staff: Advancing Safety and Quality Through Action

While we’re unveiling our first-quarter financial results today, our primary focus remains on the comprehensive actions we’re undertaking following the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 incident.

Our journey began with taking full accountability and swiftly and openly supporting the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation and the Federal Aviation Administration’s oversight measures. Concurrently, we assisted our clients in safely reintroducing their aircraft into service while initiating significant measures to reinforce safety and quality standards.

Crucially, our efforts are rooted in listening to our workforce. Since January 5th, over 70,000 employees have participated in Quality Stand Downs across more than a dozen Boeing sites. From these sessions, we’ve garnered over 30,000 suggestions for improvement. Moreover, this year has seen a more than 500% surge in employee Speak Up submissions compared to 2023. We’re actively prioritizing all the ideas we’ve collected to further enhance our factory practices and overall quality standards. Our employees possess invaluable insights into the necessary actions for improvement, and we’re diligently heeding and acting upon their feedback.

We’re leaving no stone unturned and are making substantial headway. This encompasses training, tooling, factory equipment, work instructions, inspection protocols, compliance checks, traveled work controls, incentive structures, employee engagement, cultural enhancements, and much more. These represent just a fraction of the areas where we’re driving enduring transformation, investing, and implementing comprehensive measures.

Despite the challenges, we’re fully committed to prioritizing safety and quality above all else. We’re resolutely dedicated to ensuring that our regulators, clients, employees, and the flying public have complete confidence in Boeing. While I’ve announced my intention to step down as CEO around year-end, I remain steadfast in overseeing this commitment every single day.

There’s considerable work ahead of us, but we’re unwavering in our confidence in the future. Though our recovery timeline may be tempered by these efforts, we’re beginning to witness tangible indicators of stabilization and performance enhancement going forward.

Demand across our product portfolio remains robust. By year-end, we’ll have substantially depleted our 737 and 787 inventory, effectively closing our two shadow factories. Our commercial sector will attain greater stability, our defense division will progress toward historical performance levels, and our services team will continue delivering exceptional results. Most importantly, we’ll have assimilated the vital lessons learned this year.

Despite recent setbacks, let’s not lose sight of the strides we’ve made, our collective capabilities, and the crucial role we play in the world. A Boeing aircraft safely takes off or lands nearly every second of every day. Our armed forces rely on Boeing’s products when it counts the most, trusting in them to bring them home safely each day. Next month, we’ll be sending astronauts to the space station and returning them safely in our Starliner space capsule.

Our work holds profound significance; it makes a tangible difference. In recent months, I’ve had the privilege of conversing with many of our frontline team members. I continue to be inspired by your dedication, commitment to excellence, and eagerness to contribute ideas for improvement.

It’s your dedication that fills me with confidence in our future. Together, we’ll ensure that Boeing remains the company the world needs—one we’re all proud to be a part of, every single day.

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