Black Bay Energy Capital Acquires Process Technologies & Catalyst Business from Merichem Company

Black Bay Energy Capital blazoned the moment the accession of Merichem Company’s technology business unit, comprised of Merichem Process Technologies and Merichem Catalyst Products, which will inclusively be renamed “ Merichem Technologies. ” Merichem Company will maintain its acidulous services business, which handles spent acidulous for salutary reuse. Black Bay is a private equity establishment concentrated on the energy and specialty chemical sectors. Merichem Technologies represents a new sulfur-treating platform for Black Bay, which will be led by Cyndie Fredrick, preliminarily SVP & General Manager of Merichem Company, and joined by the being operation platoon. innovated in 1945, Merichem Company is a global leader in full-service sulfur junking, acidulous treating, and spent acidulous treatment technologies. Merichem also provides spent acidulous running services as volition to technology results. For 78 times, Merichem Company has served guests worldwide with its deep moxie and comprehensive capabilities in design and engineering, fabrication, exploration and testing, logistics, perpetration, and specialized support.

The new standalone platform, Merichem Technologies, will be a global provider of sulfur-treating technologies and results, including LO- CAT ®, FIBER FILM ®, THIOLEX ®, MERICAT ®, MERICON ®, and a suite of personal chemical catalysts. The Company’s capabilities will include design, engineering, fabrication, R&D, and perpetration of chemical catalysts and mechanical results to treat sulfur and other contaminations across numerous different diligence and requests, including renewables, gas treating, downstream and midstream, and numerous others. The new reality will be led by Cyndie Fredrick( CEO), Rene Campos( CFO), Jeff Gomach( SVP Technology), and William Rouleau( SVP Catalysts), all former directors within process technologies and catalyst products of Merichem Company. Merichem Company CEO Kendra Lee will join the Merichem Technologies board in music with the accession. Cyndie Fredrick, CEO of Merichem Technologies, stated, “ The Merichem Technologies platoon has successfully stationed largely finagled & patented technologies, chemical catalysts, and mechanical results to colorful end requests including refrigerated natural gas( “ LNG ”), midstream oil painting and gas, refining of traditional crude and renewable feedstocks, biogas/ tip/ RNG product, geothermal energy product, and chemical manufacturing.

Merichem Company has been a fantastic slavey of this business for decades, and the entire Merichem Technologies platoon is agitated about our new cooperation with Black Bay and the capability to pursue new avenues for growth. Sulfur treatment is a critical path item across numerous artificial operations around the world. Hydrogen sulfide( “ H2S ”), mercaptans, carbon dioxide( “ CO2 ”), and other affiliated contaminations must be dealt with to ensure environmental compliance, sustainable operations, and a saleable end product. We’re thrilled to mate with Cyndie, Rene, Jeff, William, and the rest of the Merichem Technologies platoon to accelerate growth and expand the portfolio of results to help guests with their functional and environmental pretensions, ” said Tom Ambrose, Partner of Black Bay. Sam Scofield, Vice President of Black Bay, added, “ The sulfur treatment assiduity is massive and spans numerous end requests. We believe that Merichem Technologies is the right platform to produce a comprehensive, assiduity-agnostic sulfur treatment results provider. ” Kendra Lee, Chairman and CEO of Merichem Company, stated,

Our character has always stood on the principles of proven performance, unequaled moxie, and an uncommon commitment to our guests. This divesture is a major corner for Merichem Company as we continue to execute our strategic vision, further cementing our leadership position in acidulous services. I’m also agitated to work with the Merichem Technologies platoon and investors as they take the technology businesses to the coming position. ” Black Bay’s primary legal counsel was Fishman Haygood( Chip Saulsbury and Meghan Montgomery). Merichem Company’s fiscal and legal counsels, independently, were Grace Matthews and Hughes Arrell LLP.

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