Beekman-Backed AutoManager Completes Acquisition of AutoAp, a Leading Provider of Automotive Recall Technology and Services

Beekman- Backed AutoManager Completes Acquisition of AutoAp, a Leading Provider of Automotive Recall Technology and Services AutoManager Acquisition, Inc.( “ AutoManager ”), a provider of software results to the bus dealership assiduity is pleased to advertise that it has acquired AutoAp, Inc.( “ AutoAp ”), the assiduity’s leading Recalls As-A-Service company that provides safety recall operation technologies to bus dealerships, line directors, and others who acquire, vend, service and manage vehicles. AutoAp also integrates its technology with those who service these guests. AutoAp was innovated in 2013 by Mark Paul and will continue to be led by President, Mark Allen. AutoAp helps bus dealers reduce liability, ameliorate compliance, save time and plutocrat, increase fixed ops profit, and strengthen client connections through a suite of recall services for vehicles. Using advanced- processing, AI-powered technologies, and Business Intelligence, AutoAp automates the process of relating and reporting open safety recalls for every vehicle in a force or line every day, furnishing guests with precious and practicable recommendations related to managing recalls. AutoAp’s services give the assiduity’s most accurate, timely and comprehensive recall information.

said James Clippard, Chairman of AutoManager and Managing Director of The Beekman Group, the maturity proprietor of AutoManager ROI to guests. We compliment Mark Paul, Mark Allen, and the AutoAp platoon on their strong instigation in the business, and we look forward to expanding AutoAp’s reach throughout the independent bus dealership members where there’s a clear occasion for better, more accessible tools for managing safety recalls.

Mark Paul, CEO of AutoAp, added “ Safety recalls continue to be a challenge for the entire bus assiduity. Vehicles are getting more complex, and OEMs are adding further safety features and technology that increase the liability of safety recalls. In 2022 alone, there were further than 900 vehicle safety recalls impacting further than 30 million vehicles. It’s nearly impossible for dealers to stay on top of safety recalls for vehicles in their force on a timely base using primer processes and defective sources. ” He continued, “ At any given time, between 20- 25 of all vehicles on the road have an open safety recall. generally, nearly 15 Franchised dealerships and 20 of the Independent dealer force has an open safety recall. Reimbursement auto companies and line open rates are generally indeed advanced. Since launching AutoAp, our recall operation technologies have helped boost guests ’ profit and profitability, alleviate liability within the automotive assiduity, and enhance consumer safety. With the support ofAutoManager AutoAp is poised to play an indeed more significant part in easing the relinquishment of these important technologies.

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