Arlington Capital Partners Announces Formation of Kinetic Engine Systems via the Acquisitions of Numet, AeroCision, and Walbar

Arlington Capital Partners( “ Arlington ”), a Washington, DC- area private equity establishment, moment blazoned the conformation of Kinetic Engine Systems( “ Kinetic ” or the “ Company ”), a new platform concentrated on the manufacturing of perfect aerospace and defense machine factors. The Company was formed through the combination of the machine means of being Arlington portfolio company Cadence Aerospace and the recently completed accessions of Walbar Engine Components( “ Walbar ”), Numet Machining ways, LLC( “ Numet ”) and AeroCision, LLC( “ AeroCision ”). Kinetic establishes itself as one of the leading independent gauged and diversified manufacturers of ultra-complex aero-machine factors for both new-figure and aftermarket operations. The Company’s broad product set covers all critical corridors of the machine, including jackets, manifolds, airfoils, blades, vanes, seal parts, cases, rings, and other charge-critical factors, with a significant focus on delicate-to-manufacture rotating, hot section, and high- pressure corridor.

Kinetic has six centers of excellence located across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, and Mexico, with significant low-cost capabilities. Peter Manos, a Managing Partner at Arlington Capital Mates, said, “ Aerospace machine element manufacturing has been a longstanding investment focus for Arlington, and we’re agitated to have eased the creation of Kinetic as one of the leading suppliers in the sector. Kinetic is explosively deposited as a League 1 supplier to all the major aero-machine OEMs and benefits from strategic locales in critical aerospace and defense capitals in both the USA and Mexico.

The combination of these leading businesses and their matching product sets and manufacturing capabilities creates a balanced portfolio across guests, coming generation platforms, end-requests, and product types, ” said Scott Ransley, CEO of Kinetic. “ We’re now indeed better equipped to meet the evolving requirements of our guests and deliver invention to the global request with our engineering and new product development capabilities while maintaining our assiduity-leading quality and delivery criteria. I look forward to introducing our Kinetic brand to the A&D assiduity and leading our association forward. ” Bilal Noor, a star at Arlington Capital mates, said, “ Each of the individual heritage companies brings with it strong leaders, devoted hand bases and client-centric societies. We’re agitated to bring these brigades together to unleash significant strategic value as well as profit and functional solidarity. We look forward to erecting upon their successes and establishing Kinetic as a redoubtable player in the aerospace and defense assiduity.

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