Amogy Secures Contract from Terox to Facilitate Carbon-Free Charging at Construction Sites

Amogy, known for its advanced, scalable, and efficient solutions converting ammonia into power, has revealed today an agreement with Terox to implement Amogy’s technology for generating electricity at construction sites. This partnership positions Terox as a frontrunner in producing zero-carbon electricity within the construction sector, marking a significant advancement toward sustainable energy practices in Norway’s construction industry.

The primary goal of the pilot project is to showcase the practicality of ammonia-based power systems for stationary electricity generation at construction sites, traditionally reliant on environmentally harmful diesel generators or grid connections. This initiative not only underscores Terox’s pioneering role in reducing carbon emissions in a challenging sector but also underscores the potential of ammonia as a cleaner fuel for the future, enabled by Amogy’s innovative technology.

Amogy’s 400 kW containerized solution, housed within a 20ft container, will provide off-grid electricity to charge battery banks. These banks will then power a mobile supercharger, facilitating the charging of Terox’s fleet of electric heavy-duty construction vehicles.

Amogy’s technology operates by utilizing proprietary ammonia cracking technology to split ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen, subsequently directing the hydrogen into a fuel cell to generate clean electricity for charging battery banks. Unlike conventional combustion engines, this technology produces zero carbon emissions during operation, representing a significant breakthrough in sustainable power generation.

“We are thrilled to participate in this pilot project,” says Kjell Vidar Hamre, Managing Director at Terox. “In collaboration with Amogy, we anticipate demonstrating the effectiveness of ammonia-based power systems and contributing to the decarbonization of the construction industry.”

Christian Berg, Managing Director at Amogy, shares his excitement about collaborating with Terox. “We are pleased to collaborate with Terox, a company that shares our vision and values, on this groundbreaking project in Norway.”

The successful demonstration of this project is expected to pave the way for broader integration of Amogy’s technology across Terox’s operations, aligning with the company’s emissions reduction targets and setting a precedent for sustainability efforts within the industry.

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