Airbus H160 Joins PHI Aviation’s U.S. Fleet

Airbus Delivers First H160 to PHI Aviation in the U.S. Airbus has successfully delivered the inaugural H160 helicopter to PHI Aviation in the United States, marking the commencement of H160 operations within the country. This delivery includes the first of four H160 helicopters slated for offshore transportation duties in the Gulf of Mexico.

Before commencing commercial operations, the helicopter will undergo a rigorous route-proving program designed to showcase its capabilities in the challenging offshore environment. This initiative aims to ensure a seamless entry into service, familiarizing both operators and end-users with the aircraft’s advanced technology and safety enhancements.

Scott McCarty, CEO of PHI Group, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone: “This marks an exciting achievement for our teams and partners. The introduction of the H160 signifies a new chapter for PHI, reinforcing our commitment to safety, quality, and operational efficiency in the Gulf of Mexico. We are proud to officially welcome this next-generation aircraft into our fleet as we embark on the route-proving phase. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this milestone possible!”

Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters, highlighted the H160’s groundbreaking technology: “With its state-of-the-art features, the H160 sets a new benchmark in the helicopter industry, and we are delighted that U.S. customers can now benefit from its superior performance. The H160’s reduced fuel consumption, capability to use up to 50% blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), spacious cabin, and exceptional cockpit visibility make it ideally suited for offshore operations. We are confident that it will excel in PHI’s energy missions.”

The H160 has gained significant traction in North America, with recent deliveries also made to Chartright Air Group in Canada. Beyond the U.S., the H160 has already entered service in Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, and various other European countries, solidifying its position as a preferred choice among global customers.

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