Advanced Chemical Recycling: 2024-2040 Global Overview with 160+ Company Profiles is pleased to announce the addition of the “Global Market for Advanced Chemical Recycling 2024-2040” report to its offerings. The report delves into advanced recycling technologies, employing heat or chemical solvents to convert plastics into new plastics, fuels, or chemicals. These innovations represent a crucial strategy in addressing the global plastic dilemma and are focal points in government green initiatives. With over 150 companies worldwide now engaged in developing advanced chemical recycling technologies, capacities are on the rise.

Major players such as ExxonMobil, New Hope Energy, Nexus Circular, Eastman, and Encina are in the process of establishing large-scale plastics recycling facilities. Advanced recycling not only complements traditional mechanical methods but also extends benefits such as broadening the spectrum of recyclable plastic options, generating high-value plastics (e.g., for flexible food packaging), and enhancing sustainability by utilizing waste rather than fossil fuels for plastics production.

The “Global Market for Advanced Chemical Recycling 2024-2040” report offers an exhaustive analysis of the global advanced chemical recycling technologies market. It encompasses market drivers, trends, industry advancements, capacities, polymer demand forecasts categorized by recycling technology, regional demand projections, product illustrations, value chain scrutiny, life cycle assessments, yields, pricing dynamics, and hurdles. The report profiles 160 companies actively involved in advanced recycling technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, dissolution, depolymerization, and others. Detailed technology overviews, SWOT analyses, and company capacity specifics are also provided.

Regional market demand forecasts are dissected by recycling technology for Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Polymer-specific demand forecasts are globally provided and regionally broken down for PE, PP, PET, PS, nylon, and other polymers. The report delves into how virgin plastic production, mechanical recycling, pyrolysis, monomer recycling, and other technologies will influence polymer demand.

The report furnishes exclusive insights into the future market landscape, existing capacities, life cycle assessments, products, and opportunities in advanced chemical recycling. It is tailored for companies in the plastics value chain seeking comprehensive analysis on growth avenues, partnerships, investment prospects, positioning strategies, and challenges.

Report contents comprise:

  • Overview of the global plastics and bioplastics markets
  • Market drivers and trends
  • News, funding, and developments in the advanced chemical recycling industry from 2020 to 2023
  • Capacities across different technologies
  • Market maps and value chain analysis
  • In-depth examination of advanced chemical recycling technologies
  • Global polymer demand from 2018 to 2040, segmented by technology, types, and regions in million metric tons
  • Global demand by recycling process from 2018 to 2040 in million metric tons
  • Coverage of various advanced chemical recycling technologies including Pyrolysis, Gasification, Dissolution, Depolymerisation, and emerging technologies
  • Profiles of 161 companies including Agilyx, APK AG, Aquafil, Carbios, Eastman, Extracthive, Fych Technologies, Garbo, gr3n SA, Hyundai Chemical, Ioniqa, Itero, Licella, Mura Technology, revalyu Resources GmbH, Plastogaz SA, Plastic Energy, Polystyvert, Pyrowave, RePEaT Co., Ltd., Synova, and SABIC.

Key topics covered include:

  • Classification of recycling technologies
  • Research methodology
  • Introduction to the global production of plastics, its significance, issues, bio-based plastics, biodegradable and compostable plastics, plastic pollution, policy and regulations, the circular economy, and plastic recycling including mechanical and advanced methods
  • Advanced chemical recycling market analysis covering drivers, trends, news, funding, capacities, polymer demand, market maps, value chain, life cycle assessments, recycled plastic yield, cost, and challenges
  • Detailed exploration of advanced chemical recycling technologies such as Pyrolysis, Gasification, Dissolution, Depolymerisation, and others along with their applications, SWOT analysis, and profiles of companies involved
  • Company profiles of a vast array of entities engaged in advanced chemical recycling technologies, including their respective capacities and technologies employed.

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