Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Gradiant enter into a partnership for water security

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office( ADIO) moment blazoned that Gradient, an MIT-innovated unicorn company devoted to primary water and wastewater results, disburdened, has chosen the capital of the United Arab Emirates as the position of its new EMEA headquarters and its global invention center. The collaboration agreement was inked by ADIO and Gradiant during COP28, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, and marked the company’s entry into Abu Dhabi’s thriving inventor mecca, which leads the development and commercialization of global results to combat climate change.

ADIO supports the growth of Abu Dhabi’s frugality by attracting innovative companies from high-growth profitable sectors, in line with the Emirate’s long-term vision. Its cooperation with Gradiant, which has a$ 1 billion valuation, places Abu Dhabi at the van of a fleetly growing sector. The value of the global primary water and wastewater treatment request is anticipated to reach $ 1.1 trillion by 2030. ADIO will give Gradient with a full range of growth supports and connections to the Abu Dhabi ecosystem and transnational business openings. The Boston-grounded company, with further than 900 workers encyclopedically, is uniquely deposited to address the world’s growing water challenges driven by industrialization, population growth, and water stress. Its technologies enable critical diligence encyclopedically, including semiconductors, medicinals, food and libation, renewable energy, refining and chemicals, and energy, to optimize their charge-critical operations and reduce water impacts.

Badr Al-Olama, Director General of ADIO, said “ The entry of a company valued at one billion bones
and playing an active part in supporting global precedence represents an important boost for the Emirati ecosystem aimed at invention and its commitment to zero emissions. Gradiant’s focus on serving guests in crucial sectors aligns with Abu Dhabi’s profitable precedences and its operations in the Emirate will be a catalyst for growth in multitudinous areas As part of its broader water security strategy, the UAE is working to increase the exercise of treated water, an ideal that ADIO is proud to support through strategic collaborations with global players like Gradiant.” Gradient offers digital and process results for primary water and wastewater treatment shops and presently holds roughly 250 patents across a broad diapason of technologies. The company combines a slice-edge technology mound with the power of AI to achieve end-to-end results to address the world’s most important water challenges. It has developed a product called SmartOps for optimizing factory performance and managing treatment system coffers using machine literacy and artificial intelligence. Prakash Govindan, COO of Gradiant, said “ Our cooperation with ADIO reinforces our commitment to developing sustainable water results in the EMEA region. using our proven success in Singapore, we aim to bring Abu Dhabi and the UAE United to the van of water technology invention.

Our strategy is aligned with Abu Dhabi’s profitable vision 2030 and we’re committed to perfecting water and energy security in the region through our slice-edge results.” Gradiant’s global invention center in Abu Dhabi will develop and manipulate new water treatment technologies. It’ll also work closely with Khalifa University, Masdar, and original academic institutions to enhance Abu Dhabi’s invention ecosystem. These hookups will advance developments in Gradients RO perpetuity and Carrier Gas birth( CGE) technologies and other pioneering water treatment results. ADIO will contribute to the development of sustainable energy results in Abu Dhabi, which includes a collaboration with Siemens Energy AG to establish its Innovation Center for Middle Eastern guests in the United Arab Emirates. The center is one of four global centers that will accelerate the commercialization of innovative results on the path to net zero in the UAE and encyclopedically.

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