26 Unimogs Aid Hessian Civil Protection in Fires and Floods

Hessian Ministry Boosts Disaster Response with 26 Versatile Unimogs The Hessian Ministry of the Interior has acquired 26 new emergency vehicles tailored for disaster control operations. These vehicles, based on the rugged Mercedes-Benz Unimog, feature adaptable crane, flatbed, and interchangeable modules, enabling swift configuration changes for various missions. The Unimogs will serve in firefighting, flood relief, and logistics support roles, enhancing Hesse’s preparedness for crises like forest fires, floods, and severe storms.

Hajo Brunsiek, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks Segment Manager, emphasizes the Unimog’s robustness, allowing firefighters to approach extreme incidents closely. Equipped with heat protection, these vehicles can operate near forest fires and wade through water up to 1.2 meters deep during floods. Mercedes-Benz aims to provide versatile solutions, ensuring emergency services can respond effectively and confidently.

The core vehicle, the Unimog U 5023, boasts exceptional off-road capabilities with over 50 centimeters of ground clearance and 1.2 meters of wading capacity. Despite its off-road prowess, the vehicle maintains a standard height of 3.3 meters, complying with regulations. Various modules, such as firefighting, evacuation, and flood rescue, can be mounted on the flatbed using a crane and secured with ISO container holders. These modules, equipped with electrical and hydraulic interfaces, enable diverse deployment scenarios in challenging terrains.

In its logistics role, the Unimog accommodates up to eight Euro pallet spaces or transports essentials like sandbags. A front-mounted cable winch facilitates self-recovery and meets fire department standards. Each of the 26 vehicles will be distributed among Hessian districts and cities for statewide disaster response, with training provided by KBM Motorfahrzeuge GmbH & Co. KG. KBM will showcase one vehicle at the RETTmobil trade fair in Fulda.

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